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To begin, we describe the differences between the ELM 327 and VAG-COM KKL and BM9213 - trowels. Devices VAG-COM KKL and BM9213 - trowel designed to work on the K-line. 
K-Line - Diagnostic communication link is established between the electronic control units (ECU), the components of the vehicle and the diagnostic connector. It is used in systems with injection fuel injection internal combustion engines (ICE). K and L lines are applicable in ISO9141-2 and ISO14230 protocols which actually entered the OBDII standard.
So this is the link is outdated and does not meet almost in new cars. Therefore, these devices work primarily with cars until 2006. VAZ such as an injector, Chevrolet Lanos (Chevrolet Lanos), Daewoo Lanos (Daewoo Lanos), Daewoo Matiz (Deo Matizen), Daewoo Nexia (Daewoo Nexia), Chevrolet Niva (Chevrolet NIVA), etc. all about 2006.
Differences itself between VAG-COM KKL and BM9213 - trowels that under the VAG-COM KKL program (409.1 VAG-COM) has written that accurately working with him, but with the BM9213 - trowels are not talking at all or anything, and under every Vehicles need to pick separate software. It is not very easy to pick up the car from the ground up for the program, because it is difficult to determine from what and why can not operate the unit with the car or with the device or software program with a car .... Therefore, we do not keep longer available BM9213 - trowels adapters and all advise to use for the place BM9213 - trowels device VAG-COM KKL! With VAG-COM KKL already delivered software through which one can immediately understand whether the car to read the device or not.

Bottom line if you plan to diagnose the vehicles of K-line, it is necessary to get VAG-COM KKL device for diagnostics.



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